Messages from God/Spirit/Source

Often, when I do group events, God/Spirit/Source comes through me and offers beautiful messages in English. I wear a recorder to capture the messages and later have them transcribed. They are often lengthy, the longest so far being over 8,000 words. The messages contain wonderful guidance and wisdom. The content is so relevant as we walk a spiritual path that I felt they should be shared on a wider scale than with just those who were present for the particular circle during which I recorded them. Below are excerpts from some of the recordings. I’ve given each a brief title to let you know what each message is about. New excerpts will be added as additional messages come through. Check in when you need a little encouragement, or are looking for guidance, or perhaps need some Divine insight because life’s ups and downs have you stumped. Whatever the reason you stop by, I hope you find them helpful as your own spiritual journey continues.

Love Yourself

Know That I Am Within You

Ask for Help

When Spirit Asks

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Fear of Following the Divine

Letting Go

About Change: Pay Attention to the Details

Breathe Into That Divine Flame: Assistance For The Tough Times

Digging Deeper…and Shoveling the Shit!

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