Digging Deeper…and Shoveling the Shit!


“Higher and higher.  Deeper and deeper.  Much, much, much higher.  Deeper, and deeper yet.  Many layers to your healing.  One at a time you peel them back.  Sometimes what you find underneath surprises you, catches you off guard, and sometimes knocks you over.

There is much to let go of to rise higher.  Some things you are aware of, others not.  Some things, even in the healing process as you excavate deeper and deeper, you may not know what it is that is arising from the depths, you simply feel what it is, and you allow yourself to be present to the feelings.  Allow it to come up, whatever it is, even if you don’t know what it is, even if you can’t imagine where the depth of those feelings is coming from, let it up.  It will do more harm than good if you keep it under.

You do not have to do this alone.  There are many, many, many around you each and every day to help.  You need only ask and they will assist you.  I cannot guarantee what form the assistance will take.  It will be determined by what you need and who is present at the moment that you ask, and what it is that we know you most need to assist you through this part of your journey.  For oftentimes, what you think you need and what you truly need are two very different things.  You may think you need a surcease from what is occurring, when in actuality, you need to go deeper before there can be a ceasing, because going deeper is what is necessary to get to the root of the issue.  And unless you expunge the root, it will reoccur time and time again.

It is difficult to think, when you are in pain and suffering, that you would willingly go deeper and experience more pain and more suffering.  And yet, I promise you that if you dig deeper now, you won’t have to do it again.  Once the root is pulled, there is nothing left to go back to.  There will be other issues.  There will, of course, be other pain and other sorrow and other woundings.  But there will also be great joy because of how deeply you have dug.  And rapture, and ecstasy.  And a greater knowing, a greater certainty, that what you thought is, really is.

So it is very worthwhile to dig deep.  Do not be afraid.  Yours are not the only hands upon the shovel.  Trust Me when I tell you that if you have to shovel shit, I will shovel it with you.  There is nothing, nothing, nothing pleasurable about shoveling shit.  But at least if you’re shoveling with someone, it’s much easier to handle the shit that comes up.  But you have to ask for help.  And you can tell Me that you can handle only so much shit at one time and we can stop and you don’t have to do it all at once.  I’m OK with that, if that’s what you need.  We’ll go at your pace.

So I’m fine with you stopping to take a break, but don’t stop because you’re afraid.  Stop because you need a rest.  Rejuvenate, revitalize, get your energy back and your willpower and then go at it again.  Pick up the shovel and do more shit.  Because after all, what is shit?  It’s fertilizer!  And what does fertilizer do?  It makes things grow bigger and better!  So think about that.  Don’t think about digging up the shit.  Think about plunging your hands into the fertilizer of your soul.  Think about who you’re growing into.  Not who you are now or who you were before, but who you are becoming.

There is nothing sweet-smelling about the shit.  But truly, if you think of it as fertilizer, think of what the fertilizer does for the plants.  Think about the smell of a wonderful, ripe apple when you cut into it.  The sweet tartness on your lips and your tongue when you bite into it.  And think of all the health benefits from all of the nutrients in that apple.  All because it was fertilized and tended and helped to grow.  You are the apple.  The apple of My eye!  And you are being fertilized by the pain and the suffering and the wounds, and the joy and the pleasure and the love that you experience here, in this lifetime.  All meant to help you become more of who you came here to be.”

Channeled during a healing circle
Pittsburgh, PA
February 8, 2012

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