Each of us is unique, and because of that, what we need for our own individual journeys is also unique. During my healing sessions I combine the energy of Reiki with my training and expertise as a psychotherapist. I allow my intuitive gifts as a medium, channel and psychic to further enhance my work in the way that is best for the client or clients I am working with during each session. Because the work is Divinely guided, each person receives what is needed as determined by his/her Higher Power.  For that reason, each and every session is a one-of-a-kind experience!

For healing sessions I can work with you individually or you can participate in a group session.  If I’m in your area, we can work together in person.  If not, we can work on the phone.  You decide what is right for you.  Each is powerful in its own way.  To help you decide what’s best for you, I’ve described both individual and group experiences below in greater detail.  I’ve also described how a teleconference group session works.  And if the experience of others will help you decide what your next step should be, See what others have to say about my work.

I also teach all levels of Usui/Tibetan Reiki, Karuna Reiki and a new form of Reiki that I call Transformational Reiki, which has evolved as my own abilities with Reiki have shifted and expanded. Transformational Reiki is a combinatioin of traditional Japanese energies and Native American energies.  It introduces Reiki practitioners to the use of a drum in their Reiki sessions.

From time to time I offer workshops and retreats on a variety of subjects.  Some past workshop titles include: Chakra Healing with Crystals, Additional Reiki Techniques, Asking the Pendulum, Becoming One with Reiki, Divine Guidance or Ego, If I Can Do It, So Can You: Opening your Intuitive Gifts, Love Yourself First, and more.  Check out my Schedule of Upcoming Events

Individual Healing Sessions:

My individual healing sessions are a unique blend of Reiki, psychotherapeutic techniques and Divine Guidance. I was told when I learned Reiki that the more we make Reiki a part of our daily lives, the more we will be led down our own unique paths. I have certainly seen this in my own life and Reiki practice. [more…]

Group Healing Sessions:

Most Reiki practitioners work only individually with their clients. As my abilities with Reiki evolved, I began to feel called to work with a group of people simultaneously. The first groups were small; ten to fifteen people. Through the years, the groups have grown, and the largest group I’ve worked with to date numbered over two hundred! Most often, my in-person group session contain between twenty and fifty individuals. [more…]

Group Healing Sessions via Zoom:

A group healing session via teleconference works much the same way as an in-person group session, except that instead of being physically in the same room with others, you are in the comfort and privacy of your own home and connected to the others in the group via the phone. [more…]

Schedule of Upcoming Events

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