Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Reiki Master?

A Reiki master is someone who has taken all the levels of Reiki and has the knowledge and ability to teach Reiki to others.  A Reiki master doesn’t have all the answers about Reiki.  He or she simply has the ability to pass the amazing gift of Reiki on to others who also wish to have this wonderful technique in their own toolboxes.  I would be cautious of someone who talks and acts as if they do have all the answers.


How do I choose a Reiki Master?

Do your homework! 

Talk to several Reiki masters and ask questions:  How long have you been teaching?  How many times have you taught this class?  Where did you receive your training?  How many students do you typically have in a class?  And of course, ask any other questions that come up as you are in discussion.  Most importantly, listen to your heart!  Which master ‘feels’ like the best match for you?   Each Reiki master teaches somewhat differently.  Some are very much ‘by the book.’  Others, like myself, teach the basics, and at the same time, encourage and support students to develop their own inner knowing as they practice their own Reiki skills.   A good Reiki master wants a student to become the best Reiki practitioner he or she can be, including when it appears the student may surpass the master!


How quickly can I progress through the levels?

Some Reiki masters specify a certain amount of time must elapse between each level, and often the amount of time varies from level to level.  I was taught, and believe this myself, that you, as the practitioner, will know when it’s time for you to proceed to the next level.  If you are going to ‘go with your gut’, make sure you choose a Reiki master that allows you to do so!  I took Level I in February of 2000; Level II in May of that year, and completed Advanced Reiki Training and the Master Class in September, 2000.  I truly felt guided that this was what I needed to do.


Your Reiki sessions are very different from other Reiki sessions I have experienced.  Are you really doing Reiki?

Good question!  The foundation of the work I do is definitely Reiki.  Sr. Mary Jo, my Reiki master, taught me that as I took the practice of Reiki on as a part of my daily life, God would lead me down my own unique path.  As I used Reiki on myself and others, my spiritual and intuitive gifts began to develop and evolve.  (To learn more about that, please click here  to read about my journey.)  Sr. Mary Jo never said “There is only so much Reiki can do.” or “Your Reiki sessions will always look like this.”  She taught me that learning Reiki gave me the ability to be a channel for energy that came from a higher source.  She said that Source knew what was needed better than I did, and that if I allowed myself to be guided by that Source, the sessions would be whatever God knew the client I was working with needed the most.  So I simply listen and follow the Guidance and the sessions become what Spirit knows is best!


You frequently interchange the words God, Spirit, Source, Creator, etc.  Why is that?

I believe there is one source for everything that exists.  And indeed, science is now finding hard facts to support that.  However, we come from all walks of life, and hold different beliefs about religion, God, the Universe, etc.  I often times change the word I use to refer to that source because of those varying beliefs.  Reiki is inclusive.  Although spiritual in nature, it is not religious.  In choosing to exchange one word for another, I hope to be inclusive of all who talk with me about Reiki and the work that I do.  In the messages that come from Spirit during my healing sessions, God has said “I don’t care what you call me.  Call me a name that will draw you closer to me, rather than make you feel separate from me.”  So I try to use words that will include everyone.