What others have to say about Bonnie and her work…

Bonnie is truly a gifted healer, energy worker, spiritual emissary, teacher.   She is an open channel from Spirit…God… Source … allowing her to verbally convey messages that you will quickly recognize as coming from Spirit… God…Source. Open your heart and your schedule for a teleconference with her or a healing circle and guided meditation when she is in your area. Just do it.

Melita McCully
Harrisburg, PA

Bonnie’s work is beyond fabulous, life changing!

Tricia Baum
Cannonsburg, PA

Bonnie has been an amazing blessing in my life.

They say “When a student is ready – the teacher will come”, well she did for me! I have known Bonnie for over a year now and have worked with her on many levels, personally and professionally. I have had the opportunity to receive private Reiki sessions with her where she channels incredible healing abilities, intuitive guidance, and delivers everything with a compassionate and centered approach. I have also participated in many of Bonnie’s distant meditations and healing circles and they are just as powerful as being in person with her.

I am a Usui/Tibetian Reiki Master Teacher myself and recently participated in Bonnie’s Transformational Reiki course empowering my healing abilities in a new and different way with the use of shamanic drumming. I highly recommend this for anyone interested in expanding their healing dynamics! It is powerful, fun, expressive, and unique!

On a professional level, I have worked with Bonnie hosting her at our local yoga center when she visits Chicago. Her events are always a sell-out and eagerly anticipated by our members.

In short, Bonnie is an amazing woman, highly connected to spirit, that can help you grow and heal in many ways! She is not only a healer for healers as I like to call her, she is a healer for all. She is a true blessing in my life –
Thank you Bonnie for all that you are and all that you continually aspire to be with your heartfelt dedication and service to all.

Kelly Moretta
Chicago, IL

Bonnie was my first teacher/mentor on my spiritual path years ago and I am so grateful to have received multiple levels and types of Reiki attunements from her. My life hasn’t been the same since – just keeps expanding and expanding. One of my favorite things about Bonnie is how deeply she trusts the guidance she is given and follows her intuition in her life and work. That model has taught me to trust myself, increasing my own healing abilities and confidence. Can’t say enough…

Karen Irwin

Bonnie’s distance healing event proved more powerful than many healing sessions I’ve had in the past…and I’ve had a lot of them! This was my first with Bonnie. I’m the type that gets very self-conscious in a group, so to be alone, lying on my bed while listening to Bonnie’s channeled messages and guidance allowed me to let myself be drawn in, undistracted by what others around me were doing or thinking.

I’ve been told through metaphysical modalities and channels in the past that sound healing would be most advantageous for me. As Bonnie played her drums and chanted, I could feel the vibrations resonating at various organs and points in my body, energy running down meridian channels as blockages dissolved, tears streaming down my face as my heart was moved by my experiences. It was quite intense, but perfectly comfortable, even pleasurable. I also felt cold, but only on my right side, which made me wonder if I was in a draft, so after the session I turned around to see if I would feel cold on the left side. No, it was definitely a right-side event.

The beauty of the sharing afterwards is that Bonnie is able to give you an interpretation of your personal experience where appropriate, given to her by her guides. I learned that to feel cold on the right side is an indication of powerfully releasing blocks to moving forward. I had set my intention in advance to receive a healing that will help be move forward, as I have suffered a chain of events all year to prohibit me from progressing after taking a leap of faith in April to step onto my path and into my power. I continue to have interferences, but I feel “right” about it, trusting that the time isn’t ideal, but it will come. I know the session was productive as I feel consistently lighter both physically and emotionally. I am most grateful for this opportunity to receive healing in a most comfortable and convenient way and highly recommend it to any and all.

Patti K.
Mundelein, Ill

Mind-blowing! Unlike anything I’ve ever experienced!

Cristen Wesenberg
Nashville, TN

I was aware at a soul level, days ahead of Bonnie’s up-coming distance healing circle. I felt it was going to be powerful and deeply healing. It certainly was! I felt surrounded by Bonnie and her healing energy as if she were next to me, but yet I was able to relax in the comforts of my home. Due to her intense healing talents I was able to release stagnant energy from deep within that no longer serves me. My body was very ready to be rid of it. The next morning I woke feeling a deep peace and very calm. I now notice how I feel very comfortable with myself and others and am able to remain clam and grounded in all types of situations. I highly recommend Bonnie’s distance healing circles to anyone who is ready for deep personal healing.

Stacey S.
Pittsburgh, Pa

I really enjoyed the (distant) healing circle! Having attended healing circles in person with Bonnie, I did not know what this would be like. But it was just as effective and healing! I was able to feel the energy flow through my body and breathe in the higher vibrations. At one point, I felt like standing up and stretching and felt extremely light, like a weight lifted from me and I could jump very high! Thank you for facilitating this deep healing experience!!

Teresa Blackburn
Wintersville, ohio

I love Bonnie. I received all 4 levels of Usui/Tibetan Reiki training from her, and her classes are so much fun, as well as informative. Once I completed my level II training. I felt confident enough with what I learned to open my own Reiki practice. Bonnie has inspired me, and encouraged me in so many ways! She’s not just a great teacher, she’s an amazing person.

Since meeting Bonnie in 2012, she has been an incredible source of guidance and inspiration to me. Whenever I talk with her I always leave the conversation feeling much lighter and better able to deal with the issues I have going on in my life. She has a very straight forward way of helping me get to the core of whatever it is I might be facing, and I always find her insights to be very clear and to the point. Everyone, no matter where they are on their life’s path, could benefit from talking with someone like Bonnie. Highly recommended.

Tony Tam Sing
Eugene, Oregon

Bonnie is an inspiration! Her gifts are tremendous, and more importantly, she uses them to help others. Since meeting her in Pittsburgh nearly 6 years ago, my life has improved dramatically. I am eternally grateful for her, her gifts, and her friendship. When you get the chance to attend a class or a circle, go, go, go!!! You’ll be glad you did!

Deb Gibson
Harrisburg, PA

All of my experiences with Bonnie have been well worth the time invested. She’s a powerful healer who once kept me on my feet during a long and difficult course of medicine. I’ve learned so much about embracing all that comes my way with gratitude and acceptance from her. She has helped me change my life for the better!

Nancy Deckant
Nashville, TN

I can’t say enough good about Bonnie and what she offers. I’ve been a client of Bonnie’s for over 10 years now. To say that her brand of energy work is extremely impactful is an understatement. I have found that by consistently doing her energy circles, individual sessions, Reiki exchanges, etc that I stay very connected to my spiritual journey and am able to live that out through my everyday experiences. The messages I receive seem to always “hit-it-on-the-head” and I find that there is something profound that I learn and apply to my life every time. It’s hard to put into words just all the different ways in which I have benefitted-and still do. Now that Bonnie has gone to a different state, I have found her long-distance sessions to be very close to as effective as it was in-person. I’m so grateful to have these long-distance options as being a mother of several children, one being a newborn, it’s made it MUCH easier to integrate energy work into my life on a regular basis. You have to try it to know so I strongly encourage others to participate.

Deawna Alfonsi
Pittsburgh, PA

Bonnie Hassan is tuned in, willing to share and tremendously talented at what she does. Her humility is refreshing. The deep level of caring you receive either on the phone or with her in person is healing to the body and soul. Thanks Bonnie for coming into my life.

Denise DeSimone
Newburyport, MA

The 3-part distance program I participated in was one of the most powerful Reiki programs that I have experienced. The distance format with a teaching segment followed by the healing circle segment worked well for me. As a distance program, I could experience it in the relaxed environment of my own home. During the teaching segment I could take detailed notes while listening, which I find helpful in my learning process. Then, I could relax and immerse my mind into the meditation and healing process of the circle segment. For me the distance format offers so many benefits considering no travel required and being in the comfort of my own home. Plus, participant sharing is still a part through the phone conference call arrangement.

Charles W.
Nashville, TN

Participation in the non-local healing circle event facilitated by Bonnie via telephone was a powerfully beneficial experience for me. During the session, a sense of group “Presence” was clearly felt, along with some physical sensations that included: tingling/vibrating sensations, rippling sensations in muscles at specific body locations, and a surge of intense heat that caused sweating. As the result of participation, I experienced deep resolution of a long-held and self-limiting fear. At 10 days post-session, the effect of participation is still in place. I feel lighter and more self-confident. I’ve been able to move forward on my life path with more freedom, ease and grace. I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this circle and for the empowering shift it caused in my being.

Holly Hartman
Harrisburg, PA

I have taken 3 Reiki trainings from Bonnie and several group sessions. She is gracious, down to earth, and a gifted practitioner who’s heart is dedicated to serving others through the guidance of individuals seeking personal and spiritual growth. I would strongly recommend participating in any gathering that calls to you. You are certain to leave with more openness in your heart and inspiration to discover your best self.

Christina Wilson
Pittsburgh, PA

Absolutely Wonderful Person who makes the world a Better Place !!! Blessed to know her!

Tiffanie Jo McGuire-Hutton
Brilliant, Ohio

Bonnie’s in person healing circles literally perform miracles on a soul level! The “distance” healing circles done over the phone are no exception. The energy is just as present, the healing is just as real. The physical feelings I experienced were the same as being in the room with her. Actually, I felt like it was even more personal maybe, than when it was in the group.

The messages that came through seemed to speak directly to me and addressed every single aspect and thought I had set the intention of getting the answer to. Just an amazing experience, as always! I can’t wait for the next one. Bonnie’s work is truly life changing and a blessing to any of us that have the opportunity to receive it whether in person with her, or “remotely” being in her presence.

Mary Sambrosky
Harrisburg, PA

Bonnie is amazing at helping others on their life’s journeys. She is blessed with special gifts that she lovingly shares.

Joan Salopek
Pittsburgh, PA

The teleconference healing circle was such a different experience. It was nice to be a part of Bonnie’s healing circle from the comfort of my own home. I knew that the reiki was effective immediately when I had tears in my eyes from the first chant from Bonnie to the final cleansing breaths to end the circle. The message was very strong and came through successfully as my attitude was much more positive and my energy levels were high compared to how I felt prior to the circle.

The only part I felt missing from this circle compared to the in-person circles, is the ability to learn something about those with whom you are sharing the Reiki moment. Sometimes the conversations before and after the circle help me interpret the information obtained during the circle. I also find that for me, the emotions that escape the individuals during the in-person circles can make the delivery of the messages stronger. The teleconference healing circle, however, is a fantastic medium for me when I am unable to attend a circle in-person.

Anne T.
Woodstock, GA

On the morning after the ‘Reiki by Phone’ session, I awoke feeling more refreshed than I have in a long time. The sleep was deeper and restorative. I was able to go through my day with more energy and greater peace. This was what I needed to have happen.

The messages that were coming through Bonnie were relevant to my current circumstance and I felt that Spirit was speaking to me personally. I had set an intention at the beginning of the session to receive greater clarity. The next day I felt more confidence and less confusion.

I have attended many healing circles, and frankly doubted that the Reiki by Phone session would be as powerful as the Healing Circles in person. However, my ‘day after’ experience of balanced energy and greater peace removed all doubt. Reiki by phone really works!

Pam E.
Pittsburgh, PA

I had my doubts about a healing circle done at a distance. But I was also looking forward to being “alone” for the healing. When in a group setting I tend to pay attention to what is happening in the room instead of what is happening in me. I was able to lay on my couch, listen to my phone and be totally comfortable. When listening to the comments at the end of the session, I realize I must have falling asleep, I did not hear the rattles other people were talking about. I also did not hear Bonnie say to take out your journals and record what comes to you. So I was certainly somewhere else during that time. Whenever I receive a Reiki treatment it usually takes me a couple of days before I feel the effect. This time it was immediately. I have such an inner peace and calm. I am looking forward to the next distance healing session.

Peg Hill
Butler, Pa

Bonnie’s Distant Reiki circle was fantastic! It is amazing how she is 100s of miles away and yet it felt like a regular in-person Reiki circle. It is definitely worth your time! In this day and age we need to remove things that are no longer suiting us and I truly feel there were many things that were removed at that circle! Thank you for giving this opportunity to continue to grow and heal!

Kitsy Higgins, Pittsburgh, PA

We had been to Bonnie’s physical address when she was in the local area. I never thought that a distance healing could hold any of the intensity and power that an up close and personal one could. I was wrong!  I felt the rattles on my back and the drums vibrated throughout my body. My young son was touching different parts of the rooms’ walls throughout the distance healing session. He said he felt the walls vibrating and he couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. With all the vibration present, my older son went to sleep. This has been the most peaceful I have seen him in a very long time. As we started, he held my hand for quite awhile. You can never guess what type of healing you will get in a session. My husband and my results were not as serene and we got very cold and shivered. I now understand this was a healing release, as were the tears that flowed. There is nothing like seeing your wonderful face in person, but your face was the only thing missing. The intensity and healing remained the same, if not more intensified. And to say that it all happened in the comfort of home is a tremendous experience. Thank you, Bonnie, for the opportunity of distance healing.

With love and appreciation,
Renee S. and family
West Virginia

I met Bonnie Hassan in January 2004 during a time when I was having some health problems. Bonnie’s outgoing personality and confidence in herself and in the gift of Reiki was an attracting magnet for me. I enrolled in several of her classes and was impressed by her knowledge, understanding and gift to teach Reiki. Her extraordinary abilities, inviting personality and humor have made my classes and individual sessions with her an unbelievable experience. Since meeting Bonnie my path with Reiki has been a truly amazing experience. I would invite any and all to come and experience a class or session with Bonnie she has a truly amazing gift.

Arlene Stevens
Pittsburgh, PA

I came to Reiki by chance – or was it? A neighbor told me about a street fair where a Reiki practitioner was giving mini Reiki sessions. I had heard of Reiki and was curious so I stopped by. It was the end of the day and Bonnie was getting ready to leave, but stayed to do a session for me. I had a little skepticism and no particular expectations: but an instant connection was made with Bonnie and I was drawn to know more.

It has changed my life. Without really knowing what I was looking for, I found a path to what I was looking for: a spiritual (not religious) connection – the beginning of a journey I now know I was meant to take. So far it has been a journey of healing and change, challenges and surprises, but always full of wonder and hope. I receive my proof again and again and continue to be awed and amazed!

Bonnie is a terrific person as well as a wonderful healer! She has a true gift for healing! She conducts her sessions and workshops with great knowledge and insight, love, compassion and humor.
Through Bonnie and Reiki I have found a wonderful path to be on for my journey!

Debbie Davis
Moon Twp., PA

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