Letting Go


“If you are ready and willing, I can take it all from you.  But you need to be willing and ready to accept whatever changes will come as a result of releasing it.  Of letting it go.  You have to make changes in your behavior.  Find new ways of being.  You have to let go of old ways that are no longer serving you.  Let go of old expectations, old messages that you received.  Old thoughts of not being good enough.  Not being smart enough.  Not being whatever it is that you have that message in your head about.  Let all of that old stuff go, and recognize that you have every single thing you need within you.  And that it becomes empowered and enlivened when you let go of all those old things.

But, unless you let go of the old ways – the old beliefs, the old messages – there is no room for the new.  There is no room for that new belief, that is really the original knowing, that you are plenty good enough.  That you are completely, perfectly good enough.  So you have to get rid of the old so that you can embrace being who you really are.”

Channeled during a healing circle
February 3, 2015



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