Ask for Help


“You know, it’s not just the big things that you can ask for help with. In fact, oftentimes it’s  better if you start out with the little things, because then when you see that I deliver on the little things, you’ll be more willing to ask for help with the big ones.

The problem is that you often think that the little ones aren’t worth asking for assistance for, and yet, when you ask for assistance with the little things, and we – Myself and all of those who are in spirit here to help you – we help, we can often provide different results than you might have gotten without asking for help. Because, after all, unless you ask, we can’t intervene. I’ve given you freedom of choice and so, if you choose not to ask for assistance we can’t just boldly jump in. We’d be interrupting. We’d be interfering with your freedom of choice. And so you do have to ask. And when you ask, you put universal forces into play that allow things to shift and change in ways that wouldn’t be possible had you not asked. So ask. Always ask, even for the smallest things. Ask for help. Let us know that you are willing for us to intervene if there are ways in which we can. You don’t have to do it alone. You’re never alone, so why do it alone if you don’t have to? We’re always with you.

If you could look behind you and see how many are standing there: some of us are in your inner circle, but there are many, many, many legions and legions standing behind those in that first circle, just waiting to be of assistance. Each and every one of them has special gifts and attributes. Some are only needed every once in awhile, but they’re there waiting in case you need them. Others? Others you need more frequently, and so we’re closer to you, up at the front of the line. And some of us? Some of us are your constant companions because that is the job we have chosen to do. But there are many of us waiting to help. So ask.”

Channeled during a healing circle
April 8, 2015


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