Fear of Following the Divine


“What do you fear?  What are you afraid of?  Are you afraid of trying and failing?  Are you afraid of being laughed at?  Being made fun of?  Are you afraid that others will tell you you are crazy or stupid or ignorant?  Have you been told that you can’t possibly hear the Divine, one-to-one?  Have you been told you’re not holy enough, not sacred enough, not special enough?  And so, are you afraid, if you choose to believe that you can have that one-on-one Divine personal connection, are you afraid that maybe you’re just going crazy?  That you’re talking to yourself?  That there really isn’t a Divine connection?  But simply you wanting it so badly, that you make it happen?  You make it up?  You fabricate it?  Or are you afraid that if you follow the guidance, you will be asked to give up all that you love?  All that makes you happy?  Your physical, creature comforts?  All that brings pleasure to you?  Are you afraid you will be asked to do something that you don’t know how to do?  That you don’t have the physical stamina to do?  What are you really afraid of?  Voice your fears.  Write them down.  Express them.  Acknowledge them.  Face them!

How long will you be comfortable letting fear drive your decisions and your choices?  How long will you settle to be less, rather than to take a risk, and be more?  So much more!  You can be so much more, each and every one of you.  There is no limit.  True, the journey will look different for each of you.  And for some of you, you may be in the public eye, and so it will seem, to those of you who are not, that those who are in the public eye are somehow bigger and better than you.  And yet, we need everyone!  We need those that are ready and willing to step out into the public eye.  We need them to speak up.  To tell the truth – their truth.  To show and lead others.

But we need all of you who will be more quiet, to lead in your own quiet ways.  To lead those who come to you.  Those who are already in your life.  Because they will see a change in you as you begin to listen to the guidance and to follow it.  They will see change happen in your life in ways that it is not happening in theirs.  They will see the path before you become more clear, and they will see miracles happen in your life.  They will see pieces to the puzzle coming together in ways that they couldn’t even have believed were possible.  In ways that you wouldn’t even have believed were possible.  And they will come to you, and they will ask you, “How?  Why?  What did you do?  How did you make that happen?”  And you will have a chance to tell them.  To explain.  To share what you know.  To share what you have.  To share who you are.  You will have an opportunity to tell them about Me, and our relationship.  And how we have co-created the changes they have seen.  The miracles they’ve experienced through you.

Maybe that’s what you’re afraid of.  Maybe you’re afraid you’ll have to stand up and say you know Me, on a personal level.  Maybe you’re afraid you’ll have to admit you talk to Me.  You hear Me.  Maybe you’re afraid they will laugh.  That they will think you’re crazy.  And maybe you think that once they voice their doubts, it will cause you to have doubts.  And so maybe you’d rather just keep what you know to yourself.

But I need you.  I need you to recognize the guidance.  I need you to follow the guidance.  And I need you to share what’s working for you.  I need you to share our working together.  Because the only way this world is going to change is if everyone starts doing what you are doing – listening to the guidance.  Following that Divine voice instead of that snarky little voice inside of you that keeps telling you you’re too small.  You’re not worthy.  You’re not good enough.  You’re too fat.  You’re too short.  You’re too tall.  You’re not strong enough or good enough.  When you start listening to that Divine loving voice, you quell the snarkiness.  You quiet the doubts.  You increase your strength and your courage and your ability to manifest.  I understand about your fear.  I understand that you may doubt.  It’s part of your journey.  Your humanness.  It’s part of what you are learning – to put aside the human fears and to trust in the Divine.  It’s why you’re here.

Perhaps you fear that you will have to struggle and suffer because you choose to follow the Divine.  I don’t want to take away from you that which you love.  I don’t want you to have a miserable life, a struggling life.  A difficult existence.  I want there to be joy!  And pleasure, and abundance, and prosperity in your life.

And all of that comes as you open yourself up and trust.  It doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges or hard times or risks involved, because there will.  But it certainly means you’ll weather all those difficult times more easily.  You’ll get through them easier.  You’ll have all that you need.  And you’ll know, as the hard times come, that you will have what you need to see it through.

When you surrender your will to Mine, things begin to shift and change.  Pieces begin to move into place.  Blocks begin to be released and removed.  Your way of being is shaken up.  And you step out of your comfort zone, and you step into your power zone.  And you make bigger and better things happen.  And you become bigger and better yourself.  You don’t just grow, you expand.  You expand.  In so many ways and on so many levels, you become so much more.”

Channeled during a healing circle
February 5, 2015


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