Breathe Into That Divine Flame: Assistance For The Tough Times


“Divine Light, a spark – small, burning ever so brightly within your heart-space.  Perhaps a bright flame, perhaps just a small, dim flame.  But as you breathe in, allow the breath to fan the flame, so that with each in-breath, the flame burns brighter.  My flame – My Spirit within you, the Spirit of God, the Spirit of all that is – burning brightly, never ceasing, always present within you.

It is not the presence of God within you that ever ceases, but your awareness of it as such.  Sometimes the hectic pace of your life takes you so far afield that you forget that I am within you.  You forget that there are angels and guides – so many on the other side watching over you, caring for you, loving you, guiding you, directing you, so many there to assist you – but you forget.  But that spark, that spark is always, always there.  So I encourage you, in the midst of chaos, in the midst of crisis, in the midst of illness and craziness and uncertainty, I encourage you to stop and take a breath or two or three and visualize that flame within your heart-space burning bigger and brighter with every breath.  And I promise you that if you do this for Me, as I am asking you today, you will feel the difference within you.  You will feel a renewed strength and vitality.  A bigger energy than you could have imagined possible at this particular time in your life, because you actually now are worn down in the middle of whatever this crisis, this chaos, this event is.  But if you take a moment, and focus on that flame, that Divine flame in your heart-space, and breathe into that flame, I promise you, you will feel the difference.  You will feel My presence, you will feel My strength, and you will feel a renewed ability to move forward.  And you will do so knowing that you are not alone, knowing that you are accompanied by the Divine, in many forms, in many shapes, and yes, of course, perhaps ways that you would never have imagined or expected.  Perhaps ways that you are not even comfortable with.  But I encourage you to open your heart and your mind and to move forward without expectation and without fear and to trust that that which you are feeling within you is the Divine.  And that when you open your heart, when you breathe into that flame, things will happen that you could never imagine.  The chaos will quiet, the confusion will clear, and you will be filled with Grace.”

Channeled during a healing circle
Pittsburgh, PA
June 1, 2011


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