When Spirit Asks


“I am only asking you to do what I am giving you guidance and direction and support and tools to do.  So listen to your heart as you go forward.  Err on the side of less, rather than more.  So if a message comes to you and you are not exactly sure what to do with it, if it seems too big, if it seems like it would cause a huge problem, you’re not sure whether it’s Divine or ego, then talk to Me and ask for additional information.  Ask, “What do I do with this?  Why are you giving this to me?”

Understand that you are in control of what you receive and what you do not.  So if there’s information that you truly do not want to know, if it begins to come through and it frightens you, or it seems more than you are willing to handle, I have no problem with you saying to Me, “This is further than I wish to go.  This is not what I wish to receive.”  I won’t punish you, I won’t think badly of you.  I will hear that you are making a choice and I will honor that choice and support it.

If things are happening too quickly, if you need Me to slow down, tell Me that.  But tell me, don’t just drag your feet……Tell me.  Have an open, honest conversation with Me from your heart-space and let Me know what is happening.  Let Me know your fears and your worries.  Because only when you talk to Me, only when you choose to share with Me can I be of help.  I cannot intrude, nor can any of my guides and messengers who are working with you.

You have freedom of choice and I honor that regardless of the choices that you make.  So every choice that you make – hear me, every choice that you make – is supported by Me.  So if you want My help, if you want my assistance, if there is something that needs to alter for you to be able to do My work in a better way, that fits better for who you are and where you are in this stage of your journey, talk to me.  Tell me.  Be open and honest.  For unlike your parents, or other figures in authority, I will hear you.  I will not criticize you.  I will not tell you that you should not feel what you feel or want what you want.  I will be where you are.  I will always encourage you to be more.  That is my job and it is my desire for each and every one of you, to reach the pinnacle of all you are capable of.  But I understand that you are Spirit and Human combined, and that sometimes the Human in you is not quite ready to go in the direction that Spirit is trying to lead, and that’s OK.  We have to honor both because you are both.  You are all my children and I love you dearly.  I want the absolute best for you, as all of you who are parents want for your own children, as your own parents wanted for you.

So open yourself up to me.  Give me an entry in a deeper more complete way.  Trust me and I will lead you.”

Channeled during a healing circle
Pittsburgh, PA
February 26, 2011

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