Your Intimate Divine Connection


“You are children of the light. And so often you allow yourself to walk in the darkness -the darkness of fear. What is it that keeps you so tied to your fear? What is it that makes you fearful of the light? For it is really your fear of the light that keeps you in the darkness?  What are you afraid will happen if you and I connect intimately? Purposefully? One on one? What do you think will happen? Why are you afraid of that?

What messages have you heard about your ability to know Me personally and intimately? Did they tell you you weren’t worthy? That you weren’t good enough? Did they tell you you weren’t spiritual enough, that you didn’t know enough, that you weren’t educated enough? Did they just say plainly “you’re no good?” What did you hear? And why did you believe it? Why did you own it? Why did you allow them to have such power over you?

In most cases, it’s because the message came from people that you loved and trusted. Your parents, your grandparents, your teachers. Perhaps it came from your peers who were speaking from their own feelings of inadequacy. Whoever it came from, you heard it often enough that you bought into it. Perhaps in a past life if not this life. And you are still holding onto it. Aren’t you ready to let it go? Will you let Me take it from you, or will you continue to hold onto it? The choice is yours. Will you say “Yes!” and release it? Tell your body now to get rid of it. Tell your body now to let it go. Tell your mind to let go of those old messages. Those old ways of being. Those old feelings and emotions. Just tell your body to do it.

You and I, we have work to do together. I need you. I need each and every one of you in order to make this world a better place. To raise its vibration. I can’t do it without you. Haven’t you figured that out yet? Your hands are the only hands I have to use. And if they are clenched into fists, how can I use them? So open your hands. Open your hands. Open your heart. Open your mind and your spirit and tell Me ‘Yes!’ It is time for you to let it go.”

Channeled during a Healing Circle
Lake Villa , IL
May 10, 2016

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