Step Into Your Power

“You’ve been afraid to step into your power, to acknowledge how great you are.  As long as you are coming from your heart-space and not ego, you’ve every right to claim your power.  What you do not have is the right to think that you are bigger and better than anyone else.  For all are equal.  All are equal.

So own your greatness, but own it with humility.  Be humble.  Be loving and gentle and kind. See any who are working to cause you harm, or have already caused you harm, see them as the wounded beings in their physical manifestation that they are.  Know that what comes from them comes from their woundedness as they attempt to heal their spirits, to learn their lessons, to be all that they came here to be. What comes from them is not aimed at you. And yet, so many of you act and react as if it is. What is happening was designated long before your physical incarnation. Was chosen by you and by them. A pact that you entered into so that each of you could learn what you needed to learn. It’s time to step away from being a victim, and to understand that as a co-creator, you co-create all that is in your path ; that which you call good and that which you label as bad.

I suggest you quit labeling and just accept that which comes to you as it is: a piece of your journey, a part of your path, another chapter in the book of your learning. Always see yourself for all that you are, regardless of what is happening around you. No one can make you a victim. No one can make you feel bad or sad or unhappy. No one can enrage you. You are in control of that, if you choose to be. And if you choose not to be, you’re still choosing. Do you not understand that? Everything in your life is coming to you as a choice because you made a choice. Everything that is happening is a response. A reaction. Not a punishment or a judgment. Not a criticism. Not a slap on the wrist or a cuff up ‘side the head. It is simply a response to a stimuli. You can change how you respond.

So think about it. Think about choosing to respond rather than allowing yourself to react. How different do you think your life will be coming from that perspective? Because when you do that? You’re owning your power. You’re being accountable and responsible. You are totally and truly stepping into your being as co-creator.”

Channeled during a healing circle
Ashtabula, Ohio
August 22, 2015

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