Move Closer to Me


“You are here tonight for a reason.  You are seeking something.  What is it?  Clarity?  Confirmation?  A connection?  A more intense connection?  Perhaps, a more personal connection?  There are so many ways that you can move closer to Me.  So many tools in your toolbox.  If you want the relationship between us to deepen, though, your use of those tools must be consistent.  Not hit and miss.  What you do tonight is good for tonight.  But beyond tomorrow, if you do nothing else, the residual effects will be short-lived.  You need to support them, to back them up.  You need to continue doing things to bring you ever closer.

A consistent practice, in one way or another.  It doesn’t always have to be the same thing that you do.  Sitting in silence with Me is wonderful!  But sometimes, perhaps, you need to put pen to paper, journalling, so that I can speak to you through your words, your writing.  Sometimes the toning that you did tonight will help, because it will release the blockages.  It will move things in a way that you do not have to think about.  All you have to think about is making the sounds.  And the vibrations themselves will make the movement happen!  So nice to have a tool that you simply have to use without much thought.  That really does the work for you.  As long as you allow it.

I don’t really care what you do to keep our connection open and strong and vibrant.  I just want you to keep it open.  There is so much that I have to offer you!  So much that we can do together!  But unless we are connected, unless you trust Me when I speak to you, what I have to say will go by the wayside because you won’t know for sure that it’s from Me.  And you will doubt and you will question, and sometimes, you will not take action at all because you are convinced that it is your ego speaking, rather than the Divine Voice of All That Is.  You can only be comfortable hearing and acknowledging and trusting that voice when you are in consistent contact and connection.  And then you will know, without doubt. Without doubt, you will know where that voice, those words, that advice, that guidance is coming from.  And I want you to know that!  I want us to have that intimate connection, you and I!  I want you to not feel that you need a mediator in order to get to Me.  I want you to know that you can talk to Me directly, and I can hear you, and I will answer you back – directly!  Directly.

You don’t have to be ‘worthy.’ …  What you need to understand is that (our) connection is already there.  You just have to tend to it.  You just have to make a space to hear Me.  You need to make a space to let Me speak.  Make a space to hear what I’m saying and then take action based on what you’ve heard.

I wish that all people could connect with Me directly.  I wish, I wish that you had been taught from the very moment that you stepped outside of the womb and were in this physical body.  I wish that they had told you that you could talk to Me directly!  Your souls, your spirits – when you were that little, you knew!  You didn’t need words, and you didn’t have words at that point in time.  We were connected!  But no one told you, as you grew older and you mastered language, where you were actually the physical being using the words, that you and I could talk so directly, and so you didn’t know and you didn’t practice.  And you lost the ability.  But that’s what your journey here is all about – to remember.  To remember that we are connected.  To learn how to reconnect. ”

Channeled during a distant session in which we toned the chakras
February 26, 2014

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