Making Choices


“We are One, you and I.  Always and forever, we are One.  Remember this as you step forward in your daily life:  that you can never be alone, because I am always with you.  Because we are One, you and I, we are One.

Be strong.  Make the best choices, even though they are the most difficult.  Be strong.  I support you, and I am with you.  You do not have to do this alone, but you have to make the choice to do it!  I cannot make the choice for you.  Be strong!  Be courageous!  Do what needs to be done for yourself, and then for the well-being of others.  Take the step!  Take the risk!  You can do this, if you want to.

The choices you make determine where you end up.  I’m not in charge of your final destination.  I’m only in charge of accompanying you along the journey.  It is up to you where you end up, based on the choices and the decisions you make along the way.  Each time you choose the lower vibration, you change your course.  Each time you choose the higher vibration, you choose your course.  Every decision that you make, every choice that you make, changes – eventually, in some way, tiny or large – where you finally will end your journey in this lifetime.  I encourage you to consider that, each time a choice presents itself.  And ask yourself which road do you want to take now?  The higher vibration, or the less high vibration?  It’s your choice.  The journey will be different, depending on the choice that you make.  No choice is a wrong choice.  All choices teach you what you need to learn.  And, obviously, when you choose the less high vibration, it is because there is something from that path that you still need to learn.

This is not about berating yourself for making a “wrong” choice, for there are no wrong choices, as I’ve already said.  But it is about looking back, when you have made a choice that doesn’t turn out the way that you expected.  It is about looking back and seeing what the other choice was that you might have made, and why you chose this choice.  So that the next time a similar choice occurs, you may choose differently, based on that which you have perceived from the journey that you have just taken.

You say that you want your lives to be different.  And yet, time and time again, you make the same choices.  You put yourself in the same place that you already are by the choices that you continue to make, over and over again.  The only one that can get you unstuck is yourself, and that only occurs when you make a different choice.  So pay attention to what it is that you are doing, time and time and time again, knowing that it is not the best choice and yet feeling yourself to be incapable of making a different choice, and understand that you are not incapable.  You are simply choosing not to make a different choice.  You are the one in charge of your choices.  I am the one in charge of supporting you as you make your choices.   And so every choice that you make I have to support, even if it would not be My preferred choice for you.

Through you, I become more.  With Me, you become more.  We each need one another.  I am incomplete without you.  And without Me, you are no longer whole.”

Channeled during Master Level Attunements
Pittsburgh, PA
August 11, 2012


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