Breathe in Peace


“Peace is something that you always seem to be striving for, and yet, rarely attaining. Have you asked yourself why you resist being at peace? Have you asked yourself what might happen if you allowed peace within you? If there was nothing within you but peace, where might you go? What might you do? Who might you be? Peace speaks to truth and trust and faith. What might you try? What might you attempt if you were deeply connected to the Divine energies of all that is? So that you trusted. So that you had faith – a deep and abiding faith – that the steps that you are taking would lead you exactly where you needed to go. And that you would be accompanied every step of the way, on all levels.

Peace is powerful and empowering. When you have peace within, you are more likely to take a bigger risk. A greater leap. You are more likely to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Something bigger. Something more. And sometimes I think you keep yourself from feeling peace so that you don’t have to take that step outside your comfort zone.

Some of you may think it is because you are not powerful. But I would hazard a guess that what is really happening within each of you is that you are simply afraid of how powerful you might be. And what, indeed, would you do with that power if you discovered it within you? How might your life be disrupted or changed? What might I ask you to do? What might you want to do that right now, because you don’t have that deep sense of connection and trust and peace, you don’t even contemplate doing? You don’t even let it show itself to you. Because, of course, if you were able to acknowledge it, then you might feel like you had to do something about it.

And so as long as you can distract yourself with your busyness – your 60 miles per hour racing thoughts – so long as you can keep yourself in that space of being too busy to know, you don’t have to take any other action. You don’t have to do anything different. You don’t have to be anything more. And yet, you all came here to be more. That is why you set foot in this life. Why you incarnated into this body, this beingness. This is why you put your feet upon this particular path – to be more in whatever way it is that your soul wanted you to be more.

Some of you are so used to being less than that the thought of being more than, of being all that you could possibly be, is terrifying! Perhaps because no one ever told you that you could be more. And that you had everything within you that you need to be more. There were too many messages about not being good enough, smart enough, brave enough, courageous enough. Not having the skill set, or perhaps the intelligence. Not having the right connections or the best way of speaking. Not being able to write well enough. Whatever it was that you were not enough of, to hold you down. To hold you back.

And yet, I am saying to you – to each and every one of you – that all that you are is enough – enough to do every single thing that you came here to do. And when you sit in the silence, when you sit and connect, when you allow the peace that is always within  you to come into your knowingness, to flood your beingness, you will recognize that you have everything that you need.

And for some of you, what happens is that you practice being in that place of peace until you see that you do have what you need, and then you get scared. Perhaps not even on a conscious level. But somewhere within you, your ego starts working. Kicking and screaming. And you find yourself resisting sitting in the silence. You always have a reason that you can’t. A logical explanation, of course. You overslept. The alarm didn’t go off. You have extra things to do today so there is just no time. And day after day after day after day you find excuse after excuse after excuse because sitting in the stillness, and in the silence, and feeling the peace, made you hungry for more and made you afraid at the same time. You have to push through your fear. You have to resist your ego. Your ego will push you into resistance of that which it knows you need to be more. And you need to resist your ego’s resistance.

The first step, of course, is being aware that you are resisting. What does that look like for you? What does resisting look like for you? For some of you it may be drowning your feeling in alcohol or drugs.  Or food! Sugar after sugar after sugar after sugar. All of those things that you ingest so you don’t have to emote. It’s really your feelings that you’re trying to push down by all that you’re taking in. And sometimes, it’s not a substance that you’re ingesting, but it’s activities that keep you busy. Sometimes it’s those addictive behaviors – gambling, shopping. Sometimes it’s just the busyness of your day with an already full priority list, and you add another and another and another thing to the list. And you run from one thing to the next to the next. And you convince yourself that there is no room in this very, very busy schedule to put in any activity that will help you move higher. That will help you take that first step out of your comfort zone. For after all, you don’t have even enough time or energy to do everything that’s on the list already.

But if you sat in the silence and in the stillness, if you connected, if you allowed yourself to breathe in peace, and breathe out worry and doubt and disbelief, breathe in peace and trust and faith, and breathe out thoughts of lack or unworthiness, if you could just sit and breathe in all the good and allow all that is of a lower vibration to be released, you would be amazed at how your life changes. You would be amazed at the opportunities that pop up. The miracles that happen. You would be amazed at how blessed and grateful you felt at the end of each and every day instead of harried and stressed.  My difficulty is that I can’t force you to sit in the silence. I can’t make you breathe in peace.

Your autonomic nervous system keeps you breathing without any thought. That’s a given until it’s your time to stop breathing completely. So that’s not the breathing that I’m talking about. I’m talking about that deeper, deeper breath. The conscious breath. The conscious breathing in on the breath of that Divine peace. Being present to that. I can’t make you do that. I can only ask you to. Suggest that you do. Help you understand that there is so much more that is possible for you, if and when you do. And then I have to sit back and wait. And wait. And wait. And then I get excited because there you are! There you are! For five days straight you have been present. You have breathed in peace. And I get so excited! And I’m sitting there on the edge of My seat just waiting to see how this is going to open you up! Waiting for you to see how it will open you up.

And then on the sixth day, you don’t show up. It’s Saturday. The kids are at home. Or you’ve got to work in the yard, or do the laundry, or you didn’t set your alarm because it’s not a work day and you’ve gotten up late and now there’s no time. And so I take a deep breath and I wait again, until the next time you decide to sit and breathe in peace.

I will never abandon you. I will never give up. I will never lose faith that one day you will sit long enough that you will be present, consistently, for a long enough time that you will make it over the cusp and you will see the benefits to your actions. And you will feel that peace deep, deep, deep within you. You will feel a deeper faith. A greater trust. A more encompassing love than you have ever known because you were attentive to your breath. Because you were present in the moment. And because you chose to breathe in and be peace.”

Channeled during a healing circle
Teleconference Event
June 1, 2015

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