My New Book! Straight Talk from God: Daily Guidance to Encourage, Empower and Transform your Spiritual Journey


Straight Talk from God contains 365 messages on a variety of subjects, including Self-Acceptance, Unanswered Prayers, Forgiveness, Your Gifts, Divine Timing, Procrastination, Victim Thinking and many more! These messages are excerpts from the longer messages that I channel from Spirit during my group healing sessions, and they were chosen by Spirit specifically for this book! If you’d like to know more about how that happened, all the details are in the book’s introduction!

You can read one a day for a daily meditation, or crack open the book to a random message (Is there any such thing as random when Spirit is involved?) when you find yourself needing guidance in the moment. You can also check out the index in the back, Straight Talk for Specific Needs, if you need advice on a particular topic. However you choose to use the book, the messages will make you think as they offer you loving and insightful wisdom to encourage, empower and transform your spiritual journey.

If you’d like to check out the book before you order, you can use the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon to check out the messages before you buy. 🙂 Click HERE to check it out, and to read the great reviews the book has received.

To get an autographed copy of my book for yourself, or someone you know, click on Add to Cart at the bottom of this page. I’d be delighted to personalize a copy just for you, or that friend who might be in need of some Divine assistance.

When you order a copy here, I’ll dedicate it to you – or to whomever you’re giving it to, infuse it with Reiki (an added bonus!), and I’ll send it out within 48-72 hours of receiving your order.

What’s been happening with a number of the books I’ve signed, is that Spirit directs me to put in a special message just for the person who is receiving the book.  Now, I have to be honest . . . that isn’t always the case. But it’s happening more and more frequently. And those who have received those books have said the messages were right on target – even the ones that I write for people I’ve never met! Obviously, Spirit is at work here, right? 🙂

When you add the book to your cart, and click enter, the next page shows you the book in your cart. When you click Proceed to Checkout at the bottom of that page, the next page gives you the opportunity to tell me who you want me to sign the book for, and the address you want me to send it to. There is a box on the upper right side of that page that says “Additional Information: Order notes”. Put the name and address in that block.

If you have a question about the process, you can email me here:

I’m happy to help in whatever way I can.

Happy Reading!

Here are the details:

Retail cost of the book: $17.99
Shipping and Handling: $6

Total Cost:  $23.99 per book ordered

To Make Your Purchase:  Indicate the number of copies you would like in the box (click on the + or – sign on the right or left side of the box to change from one copy to more than one), click on Add to Cart and continue through the purchasing process. Remember to add your name and address, and the names of the folks you are giving the book to, in the Additional Information Box. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase. Please look for it.

Important: Enter your email address correctly to insure you receive your purchase confirmation. If you do not receive it within 2 hours of purchase, please email me at


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