Look for the Good


“Now is the time to be in integrity; to be honest and forthright in your words,  actions and deeds. To understand that even the smallest white lie is a disservice to who you are becoming. Denial and resistance do not serve you. Subterfuge will not help you.

Come now only from a place of the greatest love, the highest possible vibration. Love of yourself, love of others. Love of all that is.

Look for the good. Each and every day of your life, look for the good. Look for the little miracles; the big miracles. See the good even in those people that previously you have been unable to see any good in at all. Find the good. And act; act out of kindness each and every day. Be your best self;  the greatest self you came here to be. You are not perfect, and you will not be perfect, but strive to be your very best. Don’t berate yourself when you fail. But simply take note of your actions and of the circumstances and what happened and why. And decide how, next time, you will be different. A learning experience in every choice, in every experience. Ask yourself what did you learn? Pay attention to the lesson. Listen to the message”

Channeled during a teleconference healing session
August 30, 2016

Move Closer to Me


“You are here tonight for a reason.  You are seeking something.  What is it?  Clarity?  Confirmation?  A connection?  A more intense connection?  Perhaps, a more personal connection?  There are so many ways that you can move closer to Me.  So many tools in your toolbox.  If you want the relationship between us to deepen, though, your use of those tools must be consistent.  Not hit and miss.  What you do tonight is good for tonight.  But beyond tomorrow, if you do nothing else, the residual effects will be short-lived.  You need to support them, to back them up.  You need to continue doing things to bring you ever closer.

A consistent practice, in one way or another.  It doesn’t always have to be the same thing that you do.  Sitting in silence with Me is wonderful!  But sometimes, perhaps, you need to put pen to paper, journalling, so that I can speak to you through your words, your writing.  Sometimes the toning that you did tonight will help, because it will release the blockages.  It will move things in a way that you do not have to think about.  All you have to think about is making the sounds.  And the vibrations themselves will make the movement happen!  So nice to have a tool that you simply have to use without much thought.  That really does the work for you.  As long as you allow it.

I don’t really care what you do to keep our connection open and strong and vibrant.  I just want you to keep it open.  There is so much that I have to offer you!  So much that we can do together!  But unless we are connected, unless you trust Me when I speak to you, what I have to say will go by the wayside because you won’t know for sure that it’s from Me.  And you will doubt and you will question, and sometimes, you will not take action at all because you are convinced that it is your ego speaking, rather than the Divine Voice of All That Is.  You can only be comfortable hearing and acknowledging and trusting that voice when you are in consistent contact and connection.  And then you will know, without doubt. Without doubt, you will know where that voice, those words, that advice, that guidance is coming from.  And I want you to know that!  I want us to have that intimate connection, you and I!  I want you to not feel that you need a mediator in order to get to Me.  I want you to know that you can talk to Me directly, and I can hear you, and I will answer you back – directly!  Directly.

You don’t have to be ‘worthy.’ …  What you need to understand is that (our) connection is already there.  You just have to tend to it.  You just have to make a space to hear Me.  You need to make a space to let Me speak.  Make a space to hear what I’m saying and then take action based on what you’ve heard.

I wish that all people could connect with Me directly.  I wish, I wish that you had been taught from the very moment that you stepped outside of the womb and were in this physical body.  I wish that they had told you that you could talk to Me directly!  Your souls, your spirits – when you were that little, you knew!  You didn’t need words, and you didn’t have words at that point in time.  We were connected!  But no one told you, as you grew older and you mastered language, where you were actually the physical being using the words, that you and I could talk so directly, and so you didn’t know and you didn’t practice.  And you lost the ability.  But that’s what your journey here is all about – to remember.  To remember that we are connected.  To learn how to reconnect. ”

Channeled during a distant session in which we toned the chakras
February 26, 2014

Walk Your Talk

“Are you ready to move forward? Really? Are you ready to let go of the old ways of being that no longer serve you and are keeping you small? Are you ready to let go of the old wounds and hurts and pains? Are you ready to forgive what you haven’t been ready to forgive before? Are you ready to forgive yourself? Because if you’re ready to say “Yes!” then I’m ready to make it happen.

But saying “Yes!” isn’t all that you have to do. You have to act as well as say “Yes!” So when you say, “Yes, I’m ready to forgive,” what action step do you need to take to move into forgiveness? If you say, “I’m ready to let go of the old ways of being,” what old ways of being do you need to start letting go of? You see, you have to take action as well as say “Yes!” They go hand in hand if you want to see movement.”

Channeled during a healing circle
Highland Park, IL
May 13, 2016

There Are No Mistakes

“Stop labeling your choices as mistakes. Understand that they were only choices, that you did the best you could.  When the outcome wasn’t the outcome that you thought it would be, understand that the Divine has a hand in producing the result that you need to learn the lesson that you came to learn to grow into the person you came here to be. So there is no mistake. There is no wrong choice. There is only a choice and a reaction to the choice. Stop blaming yourself when things don’t go the way you planned. Stop calling yourself a failure. Just see the choice and the result as a stimulus and a response. Your choice was the stimulus, what you got was the response, and there is no good or bad. It just is what it is.

You all get in trouble when you start labeling things, because when you start labeling things as bad, you go down the rabbit hole and then you can’t get yourself back up and out again. At least, not without a lot of trouble and effort. So if you stop labeling and just see it for what it is, it’s so much easier to look at it and say, “Hmmm… What do I do now? How do I course correct? What do I choose to do now?” No beating yourself up. No putting yourself down. No digging yourself a hole that you can’t get out of. Just self-correcting. Choosing a different way of being; a different way of doing. Doesn’t that sound better than what you’re currently doing? Imagine how much easier the journey would be if you did it in just that way.

Are you ready to try? Are you ready to open your heart, and open your mind, and let your spirit soar? What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for?”

Channeled during a healing circle
McHenry, IL
May 12, 2016


I’m Calling You!


“I’m calling you all, every single one of you, to step up and step out in an even bigger way!  You have the ability to do so. You have gifts that are so badly needed. There are so many who are at so much lower a vibration who could be helped by you stepping up to the plate; by stepping into the fullness of your being. I’m asking you to go above and beyond but not above and beyond what is possible. Above and beyond where you’re comfortable being, because that’s what’s happened to some of you. You’ve gotten comfortable. And so, by being comfortable, it’s made you afraid to step up and step out and take a bigger risk. Afraid you’ll lose your sense of comfort and again be straining and stretching and risking and trying. But isn’t that what living is all about? How can you expand if you don’t stretch? How can you grow if you won’t step out? How can you be more if you stifle the urge, the seed that I have planted within you, to grow?

An individual message channeled during a healing circle
Glen View, IL
May 12, 2016

What Do You Want?


“Where would you like to go? What makes you laugh? What brings you joy? What makes you feel passionate about your life? Can you answer those questions? Do you know? Have you really, really, really thought about that? Or is it that you are focused on money and financial issues? ‘What can I do to make the most money? To let me live easily? To pay my bills? To get me out from under?’

I am saying to you, focus on what brings you joy and passion. Move toward that, and there will be no more worries about the finances. Choose joy. Choose peace. Choose laughter and love. Choose life. Big life. Big, big life, not little life, but big life. You’re entitled to it. You’re worthy of it. Don’t play small. I need you to be all that you came here to be. And so do others. So I’m just asking you to focus on all that is good. To allow Me to help you. But you need to tell Me what you want. You need to know what you want. Because until you know what you want, I can’t work to make it happen for you. Do you understand that? So sit. Spend time knowing your heart. Opening your heart to Me and opening it to yourself. Because once your heart is opened, once you know, truly, what is in your heart? I can work with that. And together we can create a magical existence.”

Channeled during a healing circle
Glen View, IL
May 12, 2016

Don’t Wait for Perfection


“Don’t wait to begin to help others until you are perfect because perfection is a state you will never reach. Go forward as you are from where you are, knowing that everyone who comes to you at each and every stage of the journey is perfect for where you are on the journey, and they need who you are and what you are at that exact moment in time or they wouldn’t have showed up. So put your focus and your energy on the next step you need to take to move you forward…..”

Channeled during an individual session
Libertyville, ILSeptember 15, 2016

Making Choices


“We are One, you and I.  Always and forever, we are One.  Remember this as you step forward in your daily life:  that you can never be alone, because I am always with you.  Because we are One, you and I, we are One.

Be strong.  Make the best choices, even though they are the most difficult.  Be strong.  I support you, and I am with you.  You do not have to do this alone, but you have to make the choice to do it!  I cannot make the choice for you.  Be strong!  Be courageous!  Do what needs to be done for yourself, and then for the well-being of others.  Take the step!  Take the risk!  You can do this, if you want to.

The choices you make determine where you end up.  I’m not in charge of your final destination.  I’m only in charge of accompanying you along the journey.  It is up to you where you end up, based on the choices and the decisions you make along the way.  Each time you choose the lower vibration, you change your course.  Each time you choose the higher vibration, you choose your course.  Every decision that you make, every choice that you make, changes – eventually, in some way, tiny or large – where you finally will end your journey in this lifetime.  I encourage you to consider that, each time a choice presents itself.  And ask yourself which road do you want to take now?  The higher vibration, or the less high vibration?  It’s your choice.  The journey will be different, depending on the choice that you make.  No choice is a wrong choice.  All choices teach you what you need to learn.  And, obviously, when you choose the less high vibration, it is because there is something from that path that you still need to learn.

This is not about berating yourself for making a “wrong” choice, for there are no wrong choices, as I’ve already said.  But it is about looking back, when you have made a choice that doesn’t turn out the way that you expected.  It is about looking back and seeing what the other choice was that you might have made, and why you chose this choice.  So that the next time a similar choice occurs, you may choose differently, based on that which you have perceived from the journey that you have just taken.

You say that you want your lives to be different.  And yet, time and time again, you make the same choices.  You put yourself in the same place that you already are by the choices that you continue to make, over and over again.  The only one that can get you unstuck is yourself, and that only occurs when you make a different choice.  So pay attention to what it is that you are doing, time and time and time again, knowing that it is not the best choice and yet feeling yourself to be incapable of making a different choice, and understand that you are not incapable.  You are simply choosing not to make a different choice.  You are the one in charge of your choices.  I am the one in charge of supporting you as you make your choices.   And so every choice that you make I have to support, even if it would not be My preferred choice for you.

Through you, I become more.  With Me, you become more.  We each need one another.  I am incomplete without you.  And without Me, you are no longer whole.”

Channeled during Master Level Attunements
Pittsburgh, PA
August 11, 2012


Your Shadow Side


“The shadow knows.”  You’ve heard that said so often.  “The shadow knows!”  Your shadow knows.  Your shadow knows what needs to be healed.  And it is doing whatever it can do, whatever is in its power to do, to bring what needs to be healed to the surface, so that you are aware that healing is needed.  And in the form that it is needed.  Open yourself to the knowing.  Don’t slam the door shut and run, screaming, away!  It will find you.  And the results, most likely, will be less pleasant than if you had just approached the shadow self from the front, head-on, with a willingness to confront that which needs to be confronted, to heal it.”

Channeled during Karuna Reiki I Attunements
Pittsburgh, PA
June 2, 2012

Be Present in the Moment


“Do your best to be present in the moment, in the Now.  Prepare for tomorrow, but don’t worry about it.  For it does you no good to worry.  Nothing you worry about today affects tomorrow.  It only affects you today!  And diminishes your ability to be present today.  Diminishes your ability to do what you need to do in the Now, to move you into tomorrow, which is the next Now.  So it is up to you how you use your energy, your attention, and your intention.  Do you use them in the Now, or do you waste them on what’s to come, diminishing your ability to be present in the Now and be your best?”

Channeled during Karuna Reiki I Attunements
Pittsburgh, PA
June 2, 2012


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